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The failure to redistribute land also accelerates the degradation on land and the environment currently underway. We demanded affordable health services for all working people.Neoliberalism is the single most important cause of the deterioration of the world’s health systems.Over the years, the capitalist market has failed to provide food security for billions of people all over the world.The Sandton summit entrenches market-orientated agriculture, and paves the way for more hunger and food insecurity in the developing world.The Sandton Summit continues on the road of privatisation, and further clears the road to the weakening of the public services. We demanded an end to electricity and water cut-offs.In Sandton the world’s rich and powerful have consolidated their stranglehold over the world’s energy sources.

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Instead of debt cancellation, the Sandton summit has confirmed the odious policies of the multilateral financial institutions, in particular the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.It has failed to question or to change the environmentally unfriendly and unsustainable patterns of housing adopted by the rich.The results of the Sandton summit will increase evictions, and accelerate homelessness. We demanded clean and environmentally safe energy to the poor, and an end to the use of nuclear power.The summit fails to reverse the increasing use of genetically modified organism (GMOs), and further deepens the slide to unsafe and unsustainable livelihoods. We demanded policies that uplift women, and change social relations that keep women in bondage.The Sandton summit pays lip-service to the upliftment of women, and takes no steps to change the subordinate position of women in the social structures of various countries.

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