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Upon calling hertz Canada, I was told my only options were to drop off at a location two hours out of my way or keep the car with me for the night and pay extra fees for keeping it. I finally got the lady on the phone to tell me I could do a late dropoff.I asked the lady to put a note on my file as I wanted to pay debit and had been told that upon return of my car I could pay debit despite my credit card being on file, but she said it was impossible to make a note as that was not her department and customer service and billing were both closed on sundays.Didn't have the car we wanted or anything close even though the booking was made two days prior. I took the pickup truck initially but when it was brought around it smelt strongly of marijuana. Halfway to our destination we noticed the smell of vomit inside the car. The car was priced for two days but been charged 0.30 for two days.

I went to the location to pay today and a girl at the desk helped me.We aim to inform and teach people about the importance of maintaining your privacy on the internet, as well as keeping your own personal information safe. It was a Canadian edition car, so the manual was only in (poor-quality) French - this would have been fine if the car were intuitive, but some critical things (headlights) were oddly set up.I clearly marked I would be returning at 7pm on a Sunday and when I got there the location was closed.I had not been notified that it would be closed or how to return the car when I picked it up, I had only been told I could pay when I got back with my debit card but they would put my credit card on file.

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