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• PTO (power take-off) guards are in good condition. • All drivers follow Safe Stop machinery guidelines. ‘SAFE STOP’ PROCEDURES: The Farm Safety Partnership launched the Safe Stop campaign in 2013, to draw attention to the dangers of farm vehicles and machinery.In the last decade, nearly 40 farm machinery operators have been killed when they were run over by their own vehicle after leaving the cab without applying a working handbrake.The 2017 results included the first phase of the 0-9 numerical grading system – just English and maths this year – replacing the A*-G system by 2020.

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Inspectors will be making unannounced visits to farms that grow, pick and process potatoes during the next few months to ensure risks during the harvesting season are being controlled and measures are in place to protect farmers and their workers.

The campaign highlights the importance of the following basic principles: • Engage handbrake.

Ranjit Singh Boparan, chief executive and owner of 2 Sisters Food Group, which has two sites in East Anglia, will be questioned by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Efra) Committee after an undercover investigation allegedly revealed a string of health and safety breaches.

Gordon Jones, education cabinet member at Suffolk County Council, praised the authority’s signature Raising the Bar scheme for delivering the results.

But Labour questioned the rate of progress and being in the bottom half of authorities.

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