Zimbabwean sex chat

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Her friend seemed surprised when Janet called to say she had arrived.

She said she could not meet her, but directed Janet to a hotel in the city where she could get a job.

Despite the enormous health risks, many women migrate to Johannesburg and knowingly enter the sex industry as a survival strategy.

Last week, Sarah (not her real name), 25, a single mother, was at home in Zambia, helping to bury her older sister.

She told her family she had found a job in a restaurant and left her eight-year-old son in the care of her two younger sisters.

She describes herself as "a quiet person" who did not frequent bars and would never approach a man before coming to South Africa.

When the electricity is connected, Sonia will be able to use her home as a base for her small business. Three years ago she was unemployed and jumped at the chance of a job as a domestic worker in neighbouring South Africa, working for a friend of her sister's.Her mother died a few years later, and last year her husband passed away.A visiting friend urged Sarah to try sex work in Johannesburg and Sarah agreed.The hotel's bar was populated by women in skimpy clothing, but Janet did not immediately grasp the situation."I had never done that kind of work before," said the shy 23-year-old.

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